John Paul Bedding

Our business model is tailored to save our customers money. We have Queen Size mattress sets that

start at $150 all the way up to Premium Brand Name Queen Size sets - that you would find for $3000

or more at traditional retailers - marked down to $1000.

We typically save our customers 50% to 80% on premium mattress sets!

How we do this is by keeping our overhead LOW! We don't spend millions of dollars on advertising,

we don't maintain a fancy traditional retail store and we concentrate on providing individualized

service to our customers. We accomplish this by scheduling times for people to come and meet us -

one on one - at our location, finding the right mattress to fit their needs and

saving them hundreds to thousands of dollars in the process.

If you are ready to buy the best mattress for YOU at the lowest price, contact us today,

schedule a time to meet and buy the mattress that you've been wanting at a price you can afford.

​John Paul Bedding = More Comfort...Less Money!

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